Danka▪Kovinic's Press Conference


1 Q: (Tianjin TV) This is your second year in Tianjin Open, compared with last year, does this year have any different places?
A:more audience come here this year, the organizing committee has improved a lot in every aspect, especially in the players' facilities.

2 Q: (Tianjin TV sports channel) Please evaluate your today's opponent - one of the best women tennis players in the WTA?
A: Radwanska is one of the top ten players in WTA, she also played a lot of open finals. Now is undoubtedly one of the best players in women's tennis, I did not played with her before, only by watching TV, engagement and TV are completely different. Today's match is very difficult, the main reason is her stroke is very low, just over the net, so that the strike is very low, it is difficult for me to return. I also do bad location, my stance habit is far away from the baseline. Her aggressive play needs me to run here and there in the field, make it more difficult.

Q3: (Tianjin plus magazine)You have successfully qualified for the final in Tianjin Open, what’s your next plan, get some rest or play more events?
A: Tomorrow morning I will fly to Moscow, I may not take part in the singles because of the timing, only can play doubles, then there may be a week of rest. After that, I would fly to France and join an open, and that would be the end of my season.

Q4: (Tianjin sports channel) Now you have improved a lot in many ways compared with old time, do you think you may reach the WTA titles in the future?
A: I certainly hope that in the near future I can get the WTA Open champion, because now I have a lot of events and open, I will have my 21 year old birthdayin November, time is on my side, so in the future I will have a lot of time to improve myself.

5 Q: (foreign media) Youhave been played tennis for one week, and the your matches are very fierce, do you think it is the reason that affect your final state?
A: Yes. Today's match is very tired, I would have left for myself and the audience a better game, my opponent played very well, but my back, legs and shoulders are not very comfortable, but I have tried my best for it.

6Q: (WTA reporter) You are still very young, but you have become the Republic of Montenegro top1 player, today you also got into the final, I would ask you do you think you will enter the WTA top 20 or even 10 in the future?
A: Now I'm the only one player form Montenegroin the WTA international tournament. I am now creating each of the first achievements of our country, especially in the WTA, and I hope that more and more players from the Republic of Montenegro will come to play tennis because it is a very popular sport. About the world ranking problem, I think my first goal is to squeeze into the top 50, of course, I don’t know top 20 or even 10, I did not think I would be able to successfully enter the finals this time, but in the future I will play a good match, according to the specific situation.