Tianjin Tuanbo International Tennis Centre

As the home of Tianjin Open, Tianjin Tuanbo International Tennis Centre is located at the Tianjin Health Industry Park, which was developed and built by Binhai Tuanbo New Town (Tianjin) Holding Co., Ltd. As a new type tennis center gathering "International Tournaments , Business & Leisure, and Nationwide Sports", it features 12 outdoor lighting courts, 4 indoor courts, and a Centre Court stadium which has a capacity of almost 4000 spectators.

The basic model of this tennis arena looks like a big bowl fenced by sloping steel cylinders. This grating exterior structure can enhance the air flow with natural ventilation, which not only achieve the "Green Building" come true, but also can reduce the operating costs. It is getting more environment-friendly with much better air quality, since dense green plants are projected to stand all around the venue.

Another feature of Tianjin Tuanbo International Tennis Centre is that the main stadium will apply the international advanced technique to cover with a rotary-openable roof, in order to meet the need of using the arena in whichever season. The unit design can not only bring the comfortable experience, but also save the costs of air-conditioning and post investment. Tianjin Tuanbo International Tennis Centre, which is designed based on the most classic model of tennis stadium with beautiful park-like layout, that fully meet all the requirements of international tournaments even for grand slams level, is becoming one of the landmarks at Tianjin Tuanbo New Town.

In 2017, Tianjin Open will be held from October 9th to 15th in Tianjin Tuanbo International Tennis Center. Then it will attract more international tennis stars to come to Tianjin, creating the opportunities for the tennis enthusiasts to contact with tennis stars and setting off a craze for tennis in Tianjin.