Venue Rules / Etiquette

Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales and Use for Tianjin Open 2017

1.Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Anyone who purchases, holds or uses a ticket for the Tianjin Open 2017 shall be deemed as having read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions of ticket sales and use. In the event that you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions, the Organizing Committee for the Tianjin Open 2017 (OCTJO) shall reserve the right to refuse your entry, or shall request that you leave a venue, without any guarantee of refund.

2.Please check the session and seating information while purchasing tickets. No refund or exchange will be offered on any ticket including the complementary tickets except as announced by OCTJO or where required by law. No reselling or trading of tickets is permitted. The admission of the ticket holder to the Tianjin Open 2017 may be denied, without any guarantee of refund, if the ticket is used for any political, religious or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of OCTJO.

3.Please purchase the ticket from official channels. Any damage to the ticket or the intellectual chip could cause failure to the entry of the ticket holder. The entry to the Tianjin Open 2017 could also be denied, without any guarantee or refund, if tickets are not purchased from the Ticketing Center of TUANBO HAOMAI (Tianjin) Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd (THSC) or other authorized points of sale.

4.The Competition Schedule of the Tianjin Open 2017 is subject to change if necessary, without notice, due to adverse weather or other reasons. OCTJO reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, postpone, relocate or reschedule players to protect the interests of players or patrons.

5.Please sit at your designated seat in the reserved seating courts and follow the reasonable directions given by Tianjin Open 2017 employees, volunteers, agents and contractors. You must not disturb or obstruct others in watching games.

6.You shall be responsible for the safety of both yourself and any children accompanying you. Children under 0.5 meter are admitted free entry to the Show Courts.They must sit on the lap of an accompanying ticket holder.

7.Spectator entrance opens not earlier than 1 hours before the first match. Ticketed courts open not earlier than 1 hour before the first match. Your cooperation is appreciated when security check is necessary.

8.You must not carry restricted articles into the venue, such as flammable and explosive articles, containers, musical instruments, beverages (whether in soft or hard containers, except for medical reasons), lighter, large-scale suitcases, flag poles, flags larger than 2×1 meters in size, signs, banners, unauthorized professional photographic equipment and tripod, animals (except for those providing services),transportation vehicles, devices or equipment (other than strollers and wheelchairs), and any other articles that may affect the smooth and orderly progress of the session.

9.No smoking.

10.You must not throw any object into the field of play. You must not cause any willful damage to any part of the venue. You are not permitted to cross the fencing. The use of flash and laptop is prohibited in spectator seating areas of all courts, without the prior consent of OCTJO.

11.You must not interfere with, obstruct or hinder Tianjin Open 2017 employees, volunteers, agents or contractors in the exercise of their power, functions or duties during the Tianjin Open 2017.

12.Any behavior that will disrupt the smooth and orderly progress of the matches is forbidden. Any promotional activity or display for commercial purposes obtaining financial benefit, without the prior written consent of OCTJO is prohibited.

13.Standing or walking in the seating area is not permitted until end of games or between matches. Standing in the aisles is not permitted. Please switch your mobile phone to mute mode.

14.You are not permitted to open umbrellas in the seating areas of all courts while there are matches in progress.

15.You consent to be photographed, filmed and taped by the OCTJO and the authorized third parties. Meanwhile, you agree that the OCTJO and the authorized third parties can broadcast, publish, license and use the above materials without giving you any compensation or assuming any liabilities to you.

16.Images, videos and sound recordings of the Tianjin Open taken by you with a camera, video camera or audio equipment or any other kind of equipment may not be used for any purpose other than private, non-commercial purposes.

17.Making or distribution of any images, sounds, data, results, statistics or commentary of the Tianjin Open 2017 by any means in any format or media is forbidden.

18.No ticket holder may continually collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the grounds of the Tournament any match scores or related statistical data during match play (from commencement of a match through its conclusion) for any commercial, betting or gambling purpose. Any person suspected of conducting these activities will be removed from the tournament venue and banned from future attendance.

19.You must not remain in the ticketed courts after the session is ending. Please follow the direction of OCTJO employees, volunteers to exit orderly.

20.In case of any dispute, OCTJO reserves the right of final interpretation to these terms and conditions.